KINGWOOD SENIOR LIVING is highly committed to exterior cleaning services for KINGWOOD SENIOR LIVING facilities.  These types of facilities vary widely in their size, style of architecture, and capacity.  Some provide assistance for independent living while others are secure, memory care buildings.  Regardless, all KINGWOOD SENIOR LIVING facilities need regular exterior cleaning services to keep the entire property looking its best.


Exterior window cleaning service is vital for KINGWOOD SENIOR LIVING facilities.  For many residents, they do spend many hours looking through windows.  These windows may be part of their rooms, or featured throughout the entire facility in hallways and other gathering areas.  Clean windows helps contribute to an overall positive morale among both residents and employees.  Through the windows, they enjoy things like wildlife activity, colorful and decorative landscaping, and what the weather looks like each day.  This is why it’s important to make sure window cleaning occurs at regular intervals throughout the year, such as every quarter.


We clean all vertical surfaces through our soft washing technique to avoid surface damage.  Using high volume water blasting can crack surfaces, chip paint, and damage surfaces in other ways.  Another example is water intrusion into the structure itself through places that are not sealed properly.  The result is interior water damage which will not occur when using a soft wash approach.  KINGWOOD SENIOR LIVING facilities do well to have the entire property soft washed at least once a year.


KINGWOOD SENIOR LIVING facilities have large amounts of sidewalk and parking area concrete surfaces.  Between the residents, employees and visitors, there is a high degree of daily traffic in and around these properties.  Our concrete cleaning service delivers three major objectives.  First,  there is a great visual improvement as the surfaces can return to like new condition.  Secondly, organic and biological stains are completely removed.  This reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents when wet.  Leaving those stains results in slick and more slippery surfaces.  Finally, regularly scheduled concrete cleaning leaves a very positive impression for visiting families considering the facility for their loved ones.


There are several advantages of roof washing for KINGWOOD SENIOR LIVING facilities.  First, a clean roof helps present a positive image for the public at large as they drive by the property.  Secondly, roof washing results in preventing premature roof damage caused by neglect, debris build up, and water gathering.  Thirdly, a clean roof will keep the manufacture’s warranty in tact and prevent insurance companies from policy cancellations.  Finally, believe it or not, a clean roof reduces the absorption of heat into the building itself.  This helps keep the electricity costs for cooling the facilities at lower levels than when the roof is covered in dark, organic and biological stains.  You can learn more ABOUT US and request a free estimate here.