About Us

Doug Rucker is the Owner Operator of PowerWash.net and has over thirty years of experience in the industry. He takes great pride in delivering prompt communication, exceptional customer service and stunning visual results for every business owner he works with. Through the years, Doug and his team help keep facilities of every kind attractive and fresh in order to project an image of excellence to potential customers and clients.

He and his wife Cathy are leaders at United City Church in Humble and thus have a unique perspective working with churches of all faiths and denominations. He and his team clean Hospitals, schools, office complexes, apartment buildings, senior living facilities, restaurants, banks and so much more. In fact, just a few of the very unique properties that he has cleaned include, barns and stables, stadiums and athletic courts, and even Houston’s world famous Alkek Velodrome in Cullen Park. This unique cycling track has hosted national championships and Olympic qualifiers.

Doug has always worked tirelessly to operate within all local, state, and federal guidelines for the exterior cleaning industry. Fully licensed and insured, Doug has all the credentials that are needed, and even served as past president of the United Mobile Cleaning Contractors Association.

Doug enjoys building relationships with facility directors, property managers and business owners. He understands the importance of establishing rapport, building trust, and seeing a project through all the way to completion. He stands behind his work and will ensure those he works with are completely satisfied with the kind of service he delivers. He also takes the time that is necessary to educate those he works with so that they are fully aware of the procedures in place to ensure property protection. Among other business leaders he has worked with are funeral directors, real estate professionals, investors, office managers, and so many others who oversee exterior cleaning of commercial properties.

He is committed to providing a timely free estimate once requested, and will always follow up for any questions, concern, or clarification that may be required. He is so very passionate about what he does, and enjoys seeing commercial properties looking almost brand new again with services such as roof cleaning, building wash, window cleaning, and concrete cleaning. Other specialized services include stain removal, graffiti removal, drain cleaning, gutter brightening, and more. He can remove almost any stain from any surface and is always careful to protect the environment when cleaning.

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PowerWash.net provides commercial pressure washing services throughout Houston Tx and the Southeast US. Our passion is keeping exterior properties looking attractive and fresh while providing a superior customer service experience with prompt communication.

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