HOUSTON LARGE FACILITY CLEANING is one of the specialties of PowerWash.net.  There are many factors that enable us to do this so efficiently and effectively.  For example, we work closely with businesses to ensure the cleaning schedule occurs during off peak hours.  This means cleaning on weekends or week nights as necessary.  Another factor is our experience of over 25 years in this industry.  In fact, we train new power wash startups and offer them the equipment and supplies they need.  But our HOUSTON LARGE FACILITY cleaning approach mostly centers on three things.  Commercial equipment, professional training, and cleaning solutions.


With over $100,000 worth of professional commercial grade equipment, we have everything we need to complete the project.  This includes a complete soft wash system for all vertical surfaces and roof areas.  So with soft washing, we prevent damage to surfaces that occur as a result of high power water blasting.  Commercial grade pressure washers and surface cleaners enable us to clean concrete surfaces and restore a like new condition and visual look to a variety of surface types.  And we have professional window cleaning systems that provide streak free and spot free cleaning and rinsing.


Our HOUSTON LARGE FACILITY cleaning approach also consists of various cleaning solutions.  Our complete line of solutions means there is almost no stain that we can not remove.  These unique cleaning solutions are made for specific stains such as grease and tire rubber marks, gum deposits, rust and even graffiti.  Other stains we have cleaning solutions for include tree tannin stains, fertilizer stains, hard water stains, and the list goes on.  We even use a custom designed filtration formula that protects the environment.  This means water is clean BEFORE it gets to a storm drain.  There are many, many other examples of professional cleaning solutions that we use for commercial property cleaning.  We even have a cleaning solutions just for cleaning wood surfaces.


All of the equipment and cleaning solutions are pointless if you don’t know how to use them.  Throughout our 25 years of experience, we have taken hundreds of training courses to expand our skills and services.  And, we are continually staying up to date on industry trends and safety regulations to ensure compliance with federal, state and local guidelines.  PowerWash.net Owner Operator Doug Rucker would be happy to answer any questions you might have about our services, our experience, or you particular HOUSTON LARGE FACILITY exterior cleaning needs.