TOMBSTONE CLEANING HOSTON is a great need all throughout our region because there are so many cemeteries here.  Glenwood Cemetery is the largest and dates back to a first burial in 1871.  This beautiful property just east of downtown overlooking the Buffalo Bayou boasts 84 acres with 18 acres still undeveloped.  As unique and beautiful as this garden design is, there are also many other beautiful cemeteries where our loved ones are laid to rest.  Thousands visit their loved ones’ graves on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, or Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  But unfortunately, over the years, weather, the outdoor elements, and neglect result in heavily stained monuments, grave makers and tombstones.  This is where our unique TOMBSTONE CLEANING HOUSTON service can help.


There are two things you will want to avoid using when cleaning these beautiful tributes to the dearly departed.  First, you definitely do NOT want to use pressure washing in cemetery properties.  This could result in damage to the surface which cannot be undone.  High volume water blasting could very well increase things like surface chipping and cracking.  In addition, water run off could create other issues you don’t want to deal with on a cemetery property.  Secondly, you do NOT want to use bleach under any circumstance.  This will result in heavy damage to immediate landscaping and literally kill the grass and other vegetation is touches. Bleach is also not recommended for the granite on tombstones as it could cause irreparable damage.

houston tombstone cleaning


At, we have over thirty years of experience cleaning unique surfaces in unique locations. And this certainly applies to our TOMBSTONE CLEANING HOUSTON service.  We will gently soft wash these special markers and use cleaning solutions that will not damage the surrounding grass and plants.  With less pressure than an ordinary garden hose, we apply specifically engineered safe cleaning agents specifically designed for the particular stain we are removing.

We let it set or dwell for a length of time that depends on the severity of the stain, then gently rinse.  Extremely large amounts of water are not used for Tombstone Cleaning Houston service.  With over twenty five different detergents and professional cleaning solutions at our disposal, we have everything we need to remove every type of stain from any type of cemetery surface. It would be an honor for us to provide a free estimate to restore the original color and look of your loved one’s beautiful resting place.

The pictures here are not ours, but do represent the type of results we can achieve.  These images were taken from google public photo’s.  I do not like to post our clients tombstone pictures due to privacy reasons.