To most people, SPRING CLEANING means annual seasonal deep household organizing beyond just basic house cleaning.  But to us, SPRING CLEANING means commercial exterior cleaning in Spring, Texas.  Spring, Texas is just north of Houston with a population of over 62,000 residents.  From the 1970’s-1990’s, the Goodyear Blimp could be seen taking off and landing from its hanger home here.  In fact, the large concrete pad just off Interstate 45 between Home Depot and Lowe’s is where the blimp was stationed.  It now takes off and lands from a hanger in Akron, Ohio.


A new large facility houses 9,000 employees and is now the world wide headquarters for Exxon Mobile.  This community has top notch schools, libraries and parks and includes a quaint area of older shops and restaurants called “Old Spring.”  There are also many large, growing and vibrant churches throughout this area.  So exterior SPRING CLEANING is very important to businesses and commercial properties throughout the area.  From roof cleaning to a complete building wash, it’s important to keep facilities looking fresh, and attractive here.  Keeping sidewalks, parking areas and entry monuments and signs helps maintain a first class image for businesses in Spring, Texas.


Spring Cleaning also means your Spring, Texas business might require specific stain removal services.  At PowerWash.net, stain removal is our specialty.  Your commercial property may have rust stains caused by irrigation systems, rod iron furniture, battery or fertilizer, HVAC systems and more.  We can safely remove these stains and advise you how to eliminate the source of re-occurring rust stains. In addition, we can remove Graffiti Tags and apply an anti-graffiti coating that will prevent paint from impregnating the surface and provide for easier removal.


We make it easy for you to contact us through a variety of means for your convenience.  You can request an estimate online, or give us a call or send a text to 281-541-0511.  Let us know the business address, and include the areas you would like for our exterior SPRING CLEANING services.  Feel free to include pictures as well.  We are available for free onsite consultations, but can also provide a complete estimate remotely.  Let us know if we can help with your Spring Cleaning needs!