PRESSURE CLEANING PRIVATE SCHOOLS throughout greater Houston is something we’re always glad to help with.  We work closely with churches and Christian schools to deliver superior quality exterior cleaning for a wide variety of surfaces.  We are actively involved as volunteers in ministry leadership in our own home church, United City Church in Humble.  Our Christian values include commitments to honesty, integrity, and a commitment to excellence.  Our diligence, patience, perseverance and self-control results in mutual respect and appreciation for each other.



PRESSURE CLEANING PRIVATE SCHOOLS is a priority to us because we understand the unique needs they have.  The wide range of cleaning needs might include things like stadiums, playground equipment, and recreational surfaces.  While standard services like roof cleaning, building wash, and concrete cleaning apply, there are also other issues.  How does the steeple look and will a contractor be able to reach it?  The sign may have stains that need to be removed, and perhaps the prayer garden pavers need meticulous attention.  Whatever unique needs there are, we have over 30 years of experience and have probably cleaned it before.  And yes, we do windows!


With Summer approaching, this is the ideal time for PRESSURE CLEANING PRIVATE SCHOOLS.  It’s fairly routine to clean and paint the interior as needed during Summer months, so why not do exterior cleaning as well.  This is a great time to clean parking lots and sidewalks since there is far less traffic.  It’s a great time to clean stadiums, recreation areas, and playgrounds as they are not in use.  And if your campus stays active through the Summer, we can schedule work on weekends as well.  We work when its most convenient for our customers.

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Let us provide a free estimate for PRESSURE CLEANING PRIVATE SCHOOLS throughout greater Houston.  From Cleveland to Sugar Land, from Katy to Pearland, it’s always an honor for us to work with churches and private schools.  There are three different ways to request an estimate so you are able to utilize the way that is most convenient for you.  You can request an estimate online, send an email to, or you can call or text 281-541-0511.