New Caney Exterior Cleaning with means New Caney commercial properties can look their best once again.  Our passion is helping businesses, churches, and schools greatly improve and enhance their public image.  One of the first things people notice as they drive by your property is whether the building has stains.  It’s not uncommon to see streaks and stains completely discolor the roof.  The building has mildew and other organic stains that could easily be removed with professional equipment and solutions.  The parking lot and sidewalks are usually covered with signs of highly traveled areas that wear down surfaces and leave negative impressions about your organization.  We find that while most commercial properties are well maintained inside the building, the outside is a completely different matter.

New Caney Exterior Cleaning


In order to prevent high pressure damage to the roof and walls of your building, we use a professional soft wash method for cleaning.  With less pressure than a garden hose, we gently apply commercial grade cleaning mixtures and allow it time to dwell.  We adjust our mix levels and dwell time as we observe the how the stains begin to change colors.  It’s very important to hire an exterior cleaning contractor with expertise in this area, and not just expect pressure washing to clean it all.  Our New Caney Exterior Cleaning services includes a free on-site consultation upon request, and a free written estimate for all cleaning services performed.  It is a detailed, itemized breakdown of what we do and what you can expect.  We strive to provide prompt communication with all of our customers and deliver stunning visual results.


There are certainly areas of your commercial property where pressure washing is appropriate.  Parking areas and sidewalks with asphalt and concrete surfaces are prime examples.  Fencing, recreation and deck surfaces, along with playground equipment would also withstand the power of pressure washing.  And we use surface cleaners on ground level areas which is far more effective and saves time over using a pressure washer wand.  We are so proud of our NEW CANEY Pressure Washing partnerships with many businesses, churches and schools in area.  We also have extensive experience cleaning hospital properties, shopping plazas, and apartment complexes.  From something as simple as a horse barn to the Alkek Velodrom cycling track, we can make a difference for you!  We look forward to working closely with you to deliver those stunning visual results that all of our customers appreciate and rave about.  To request a free estimate, click here.