At PowerWash.net, we specialize in HOUSTON HOSPITAL CLEANING.  But not the indoor janitorial type of cleaning.  Our specialty is in the exterior cleaning industry.  In fact, we have over 30 years of experience power washing commercial properties, and even train others who are starting their own business.  And while Covid 19 creates renewed interest in interior cleaning and disinfecting, there are still many great reasons for exterior cleaning as well.


The first reason to prioritize HOUSTON HOSPITAL CLEANING is the visual impression the campus gives off to the public.  If people see dirty sidewalks, buildings, and windows, imagine their initial thoughts.  Is this how they keep the inside too?  Do they not have enough resources to adequately cover exterior cleaning?  I hope the appearance of their building doesn’t reflect how they approach caring for my health!  Adequately prioritizing HOUSTON HOSPTIAL CLEANING communicates values like excellence and attention to detail to the public at large.


It isn’t just the public that suffers when HOUSTON HOSPITAL CLEANING is neglected.  Hundreds of employees move in and out of the campus day after day five to six days per week.  From doctors and nurses to administration and support staff, how the building looks on the outside affects every employee.  Many people live by one of our favorite mottos that “TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK.”  Yet it is a great challenge for team members to dream visions of better futures when they walk through stains, dirt, grease and grime on a daily basis.  Keeping the exterior campus of your health care campus in pristine condition fuels the vision the team is working together toward.  It helps them take even greater pride in the work they do every day.


The exterior component of HOUSTON HOSPITAL CLEANING also contributes to overall general health of employees and the public in many ways.  One example is when sidewalks are not kept clean on a regular basis, the risk of slip and fall accidents increases.  Another example is the possibility that organic stains such as mildew could provide a breeding ground for respiratory or infectious diseases. Some of the same general health principles that apply to interior cleaning also apply to exterior cleaning.  Thus, HOUSTON HOSPITAL CLEANING on the exterior eradicates bacteria and removes pollen and allergens.  In addition, exterior cleaning delivers better indoor air quality.


We strive to make the entire process of exterior cleaning easier for hospital facility directors and property administrators.  You can receive a free estimate from PowerWash.net in three convenient ways.  First, you may submit a request for an estimate online.  Second, you could call or text address, scope of work and pictures to (281) 541-0511.  Or you could send the information by email to Doug@PowerWash.net.  However you chose to contact us, we promise prompt communication, exceptional customer service, and stunning visual results.