PowerWash.net has extensive experience providing exterior HOUSTON FUNERAL HOME CLEANING services.  We work closely with Funeral Home Directors and Facility Managers to keep the property looks its best.  We know that as grieving families gather, streaks, stains and dirt build up can be a turn off.  And it’s very important that the first visual impression not be a distraction for families and their guests.  This why we make cleaning funeral homes one of our highest priorities and strongest passions.


One of the unique aspects of this is making sure that flexible scheduling is part of the entire process.  We realize that services may arise on short notice, and vendors must be able to adjust.  We would want to be cleaning the facility while services were taking place.  So even though plans are made weeks in advance for HOUSTON FUNERAL HOME CLEANING, we remain flexible.  The need to reschedule may very well take precedence over all else.


The wide range of ornate, decorative surfaces is another unique aspect of HOUSTON FUNERAL HOME CLEANING.  Marble, granite, and unique stones make up building decorations in addition to statues and monuments.  You definitely do not want to pressure wash these types of surfaces.  This will certainly result in causing damage that cannot be reversed.  For this reason, we utilize a professional soft washing method to protect the surfaces we clean.  The types and severity of the stains will determine what detergents and cleaning solutions we apply with less pressure than a garden hose.  We allow ample time for this solutions to settle on the surface, and we always rinse before it dries.  You can trust us with your most delicate and ornate architecture to remove stains and restore original colors and looks.


Request a free estimate online for HOUSTON FUNERAL HOME CLEANING. If you prefer, call or text us at 281-541-0511.  You may also send an email to Doug@PowerWash.net and include address, pictures and the specific scope of work you have in mind.  With over twenty five years of experience in the industry, we provide training and products for startups.