Doug Rucker is the Owner/Operator of Houston Commercial Power Wash Service PowerWash.net.  With over thirty years experience in the pressure washing industry, Doug has been serving businesses in the greater Houston region since 2004.  His passion is helping businesses put their best foot forward with exceptional exterior cleaning services.  With many services to choose from such as pressure washing, soft washing, and specialty cleaning, PowerWash.net stands ready to assist you.  We believe that “teamwork makes the dream work,” and it is our desire to be a part of your team.  Our goal would be to convey a message of excellence to the community at large by ensuring your entire property looks its best.

Power Washing Houston Businesses

We have extensive experience working closely with a wide variety of businesses types throughout Houston.  With a strong Christian faith background and as volunteer ministry leaders in our church, we are always proud to work closely with other churches of all denominations.  In addition, we clean schools, restaurants, hospitals, and apartment complexes.  There really is no project that is too big or too small.  This is because we have professional grade equipment and only use eco-friendly cleaning supplies.  We work tirelessly to ensure the entire property is protected in every way.  From the sign at the edge of the road to the very top of the roof, we can help you keep things looking fresh and attractive to new business.  Our Houston Commercial Power Wash Business services always begins with a request for a free estimate or an on-site consultation.  Some of our unique projects include barns, tennis courts, and even the Alkek Velodrome cycling track.


It’s important to us to work closely with you to schedule cleaning projects during non-peak or closing hours.  This means your customers and clients will experience little or no inconvenience.  For us, it means working overnights or weekends and during evening hours after your business has closed.  If your building has windows, please know that we also offer spot free rinse window cleaning service with a special filtration system.  It is not a traditional squeegee cleaning method.  Thus, it is a more efficient and cost saving approach to clean windows.  Let us know if you have any questions or if we can help with our HOUSTON COMMERCIAL POWER WASH service needs.  You can call or text 281-541-0511 or send an email to Doug@PowerWash.net.  Or you can request an estimate online here.