PowerWash.net takes great pride in the working with HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATIONS through the greater Houston region.  These organizations assist residents in keeping their properties looking their best.  Most of the HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATIONS are part of planned or developed neighborhoods lined with single family homes.  In this case, there is usually something like a community pool along with a clubhouse or fitness center that residents share.  There may also be various athletic courts such a basketball and tennis courts.  We want HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATIONS to know that PowerWash.net has over twenty five years of experience working closely with HOAs.


Another scenario that comes up on occasion is when residents receive communications from HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATIONS.  These letters usually state that there is some aspect of the residents property that is not compliance with HOA policies and regulations.  For example, there might be something stored in the driveway that should not be there like a boat or an appliance of some sort.  Another example is when the resident’s property is not clean and is showing signs of unsightly stains.  So the HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION is calling for the resident to have roof stains removed, or their driveways and sidewalks cleaned.  We are always glad to assist residents in the case by providing a FREE ESTIMATE upon request.


HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATIONS are also part of many larger multi family unit housing facilities such as condos and townhomes.  Some apartment complexes, duplexs and other residential housing areas may also utilize an HOA.  Residents are elected by fellow residents to run the organization and contribute to the betterment of the entire community.  There are usually fees that residents pay into the HOMEONWERS ASSOCATION that help contribute to caring for property areas that all the residents share and enjoy.  We strive to communicate clearly and completely when working with HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATIONS on exterior cleaning projects.  If you represent an HOA, please don’t hesitate to call or text 281-541-0511 with any questions or concerns you might have about our professional exterior cleaning services.