Dental Office Power Washing is a high priority in the greater Houston region for  So with over twenty five years of experience, we have been providing exceptional exterior cleaning service.  We have professional grade equipment and a superior line of commercial cleaning supplies.  Thus, we always strive to deliver excellent customer service with prompt communication and stunning visual results.  Even as you put a smile the faces of your customers, so we do the same for ours!


Our commercial building wash service utilizes a soft wash method to prevent any damage to the surface.  Soft Washing is a effective procedural process for DENTAL OFFICE POWER WASHING.  It utilizes a cleaning detergent along with a cold water rinse to remove dead algae.  This reduces the risk of damage to your building through surface deterioration of high pressure cleaning. In addition, it ensures the surface stays clean much longer.

Mold, mildew and algae are the most common forms of contaminants that we remove from commercial buildings through our Soft Washing approach.  Biological and organic stains are the natural result of the amount of rainfall, dampness, and humidity in the Houston, Texas area.  Pressure washing and detergent alone will not properly and effectively clean the surface.  This is because mold and mildew spores are left behind.  They will simply grow back in a very short period of time.

Our Soft Wash cleaning method uses a safe and proper dilution of water, Sodium Hypochlorite, and cleaning detergents.  We utilize a gentle application method using less pressure than an ordinary garden hose.  This unique cleaning solution is given time to sit while it penetrates and kills spore roots, before it is gently rinsed from the surface.  You’ll want to avoid inexperienced companies doing DENTAL OFFICE POWER WASHING.


In addition to our commercial building wash service, you will also appreciate our high quality concrete cleaning service as well.  Sidewalks, parking lots, entry areas and signs and monuments all require various forms of professional equipment.  We have surface cleaners, pressure washers and various nozzles and other tools to remove stains and organic biological growth.  Your customers will greatly appreciate the kind of fresh, like new and attractive look that our exterior cleaning services provide. Owner Operator Doug Rucker is a leader in the industry who provides training for new startups through his Pressure Cleaning School.  So don’t hesitate to request an estimate online for our all your DENTAL OFFICE POWER WASHING needs.