For COMMERCIAL TPO ROOF CLEANING service, is ready to provide exceptional results.  TPO roofing systems are one of the most popular commercial options for businesses on the market today. TPO is the short name for thermoplastic polyolefin.This unique material is made up of polypropylene, a chemical compound known for its elasticity and durability.  It is commonly utilized in the manufacturing of many industrial and household products. Polypropylene is also known for its slippery characteristic, which means it can work well to repel moisture from potential roof wreckers like rain or snow.


This type of roofing system should receive regular attention and care. Several practical reasons will persuade business owners and facility directors to perform routine cleanings. This is because the white TPO roof will only retain its anti-reflective properties if it remains white in color. So keeping the roof white, and free of dirt, debris and discoloration should be a top priority.  In addition, you are greatly reducing the risk of potential algae growth spreading and reeking havoc.  Regularly scheduled maintenance roof cleanings will contribute to a longer life span and helps the entire property look better.  It will also help maintain your property value should you decide to place the facility on the market.  Your warranty nos often dictates maintenance cleanings in order for it remain valid. COMMERCIAL TPO ROOF CLEANING should be a high priority for any and every business.

TPO roof cleaning


Any shrubs or vegetation will be completely protected from runoff of the cleaning solutions.  A low-pressure soft wash strategy will clean and rinse away the top layer of dirt and dust from the TPO rooftop. We use a professional grade, mild, non-abrasive cleaning solution for all COMMERCIAL TPO ROOF CLEANING projects.  During the cleaning, we use extra caution and care to avoid damaging the top surface of the TPO roofing membrane.  We completely rinse off the cleaning solution from the roof with a low-pressure power washer. Following the final rinse, we will inspect the rooftop carefully to ensure safe and effective cleaning without punctures or unwanted water intrusion.


You can request a free estimate for COMMERCIAL TPO ROOF CLEANING online through our website.  You could also send an email to  And if you prefer, you could call or text 281-541-0511.  We look forward to assisting you with all of your exterior cleaning needs.  You can watch a quick video of our work here.