Commercial Pressure Washing Houston

Commercial Pressure Washing Houston services is what we specialize in.  It is always our passion to assist business owners in helping them ensure the exterior of their facility is attracting new business.  From the sign at the edge of the road to the roof on top of the building, we clean everything.  We’ve seen dirty playground equipment pop right back up to life again.  Some of the unique surfaces we have experience cleaning include cloth awnings, tennis courts and steeples.  Add tombstones, and even barns that give horses a home.  Another unique example is our service for the Houston Alkek Velodrome.  From churches to schools, apartment complexes and restaurants, as well as smaller office buildings for dentists and lawyers, we look forward to assisting you with all of your exterior cleaning needs.



We strongly advise against pressure washing most vertical surfaces.  This is because of the damage that could result from high volume water blasting.  Examples of pressure washing surface damage includes paint chipping, bricks breaking, undetected water intrusion, and damage to lighting fixtures.  This is why we use less pressure than a regular garden hose to gently apply eco-friendly cleaning solutions.  We then allow ample “dwell time” so the solution can kill organic and biological growth stains.  Then we completely and thoroughly rinse the surface.  We also provide the option of a spotless rinse window cleaning service.  It is more effective and efficient than traditional squeegee methods.


You will certainly need our power washing service as well for concrete surfaces like sidewalks, parking lots and other concrete surfaces able to withstand high volume water blasting.  We recognize that completing these kinds of projects might be best during overnight or weekend hours when your business is closed.  This protects the safety and well being of your customers, and keeps them from tracking dirt and mud into your building.  We enjoy meeting new business owners and providing free on-site consultations to go over recommendations and answer any questions about our cleaning strategies.  And we strive to make the entire process as easy and hassle free fas possible for business owners, General Managers, and Facility Directors.  In fact, we provide three difference ways for you to request an estimate so that you can choose the one that is most convenient.  You could request an estimate online.  You could also call or text us at 281-541-0511.  Or, you could send an email to  We are committed to promptly responding within 24 hours and usually strive for a same day reply.