COMMERCIAL CONCRETE CLEANING service from means you benefit from our 30 years of experience in the industry.  It also means professional grade pressure washing equipment that cleans the toughest stains where high traffic areas tend to spread dirt, grease and grime.  This can be a turn off to potential customers and clients, and projects a negative public image in the community.  In addition, many of these concrete stains increase the risk of slips and falls.  Thus, possible injury could result when not properly cleaned and maintained.


Our most common COMMERCIAL CONCRETE CLEANING project includes parking areas and sidewalks.  This is very important for potential customers and clients.  It is one of the first things they see as they walk into your facility.  A clean parking lot with clean sidewalks communicates a message of excellence.  It means you value the entire appearance of your entire property, not just the inside.  This helps keep your business attractive to new business, as well as contributes to higher employee morale who using parking areas and sidewalks daily.


Your campus may include a few specialty concrete areas that are not typical for every business.  Some of these options include break areas for employees, playground equipment and recreation surfaces, large monuments and signage, and dumpster pads.  Drive thru areas are critical, and we can handle large retail parking lots for malls and shopping plazas.  In fact, we also offer parking lot restriping.  With this added the service, you end up with a parking lot which looks brand new!  Oil stain treatment, rust stain and gum removal, as well as graffiti and calcium and hard water stain removal are all problem issues we confront daily with COMMERCIAL CONCRETE CLEANING.


Call or text 281-541-0511 to request your free COMMERCIAL CONCRETE CLEANING quote or submit your request online here..  If it is more convenient for your, simply email  Include the property address, the specific areas you would like to focus on, and any pictures that will aid in putting together the estimate.  We are always glad to answer any questions you might have our experience, the professional equipment and cleaning agents we use, and any concerns you have about particular stains.  We strive to deliver exceptional customer service with prompt communication and stunning visual results.