Exterior Cleaning Houston Restaurants is what we are all about at  With over thirty years of experience, we know it takes to keep restaurants looking their best on the outside.  We also perform high dusting inside.  Our services begin with roof washing so that the visual impression you project to potential customers is excellence starting from the top.  Our complete building wash service consistently removes organic and biological without causing damage to the surface.  This is because we use a soft wash strategy rather than high volumes of water blasting.  We always recommend soft washing for all vertical surfaces.  But there are other services we provide while Cleaning Houston Restaurants.


Window Washing is another way we help with exterior Cleaning Houston Restaurants.  While many companies use traditional window cleaning tools and methods, Our approach to window washing utilizes a water fed pole cleaning technique, combined with pure rinsing water we deliver through deionization.  These tools have advanced multistage filtration systems that use reverse osmosis membranes to remove large amounts of impurities from the water source. Carbon filters are used to remove chlorine, which can damage reverse osmosis membranes. Additionally, they also have a deionization filter to give a final polish to the water before it is used.


We also deliver exceptional service for concrete Cleaning Houston Restaurants.  From sidewalks to parking areas as well as signs and monuments, we have professional equipment and unique cleaning solutions specifically formulated for various stains.  Whether its rubber tire marks, oil and grease stains, rust or even something like graffiti, we can remove these stains.  With pressure washers as well as large surface cleaners, we make concrete look fresh and new again.  We even remove the gum deposits.  We also know how difficult it can be to clean the dumpster pad area.  Our cleaning process eliminates those awful odors and helps maintain a more positive morale for employees responsible for taking out the trash.  We make it easy for you to request an online estimate for Cleaning Houston Restaurants.