At, we are pretty passionate about CLEANING CHURCHES for many reasons.  First, we grew up in a church ministry household and have served on staff in several churches.  Secondly, we remain very active at UNITED CITY CHURCH in Humble, Texas and enjoy building relationships there.  Most importantly, we know the important priority of each church is attracting new members from the community at large.  So the visual look of your campus speaks volumes to the community and results in the public deciding whether or not to attend.  We want to help churches reach their community by keeping the church campus looking fresh and attractive.  This is especially important at key seasons such as just prior to Easter and Christmas.


When it comes to CLEANING CHURCHES, you’ll first want to consider the condition of the steeple.  If it is stained, we can return to like new condition and color.  While we’re at it, we can provide soft wash roof cleaning and window cleaning as well.  Our building wash is ideal for churches of all sizes, shapes and colors.  Many churches have very ornate or decorative architecture.  It is counterproductive to allow these beautiful and delightful accents to remain covered with dark, dingy discoloration blemishes and smudges.  For all vertical surfaces, we always use a soft wash technique that prevents damage caused by high volume water blasting.


We use professional grade equipment like surface cleaners for areas like sidewalks, driveways and athletic surfaces.  It’s important that these areas remain looking their best because guests visiting your church see these areas even before they enter the building.  We encourage churches to work as hard at keeping the outside clean as you do the inside!  And we know CLEANING CHURCHES involves unique surfaces such as prayer garden pavers and walkways.  Some smaller rural churches even have small cemeteries with headstones that require a restoring process.  It’s very important that your CHURCH CLEANING contractor has experience and knows what they’re doing before attempting to clean such surfaces.  Some of the “rookie mistakes” we see and are called upon to correct include using the wrong cleaning solution.  This only causes or increases more staining.  Or using high pressure when soft washing is better to protect the surface itself.  Other unique surfaces when CHURCH CLEANING include wood decks and fencing, exterior stairwells, and things like the church sign and other monuments.


You can request a FREE ESTIMATE for CHURCH CLEANING on our website.  Please call or text 281-541-0511 if you have any questions about your particular exterior cleaning needs.  It is always great for our company to work closely with churches because of our common faith in Christ!