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Power Washing

Our safe Commercial Power Washing services will keep your property looking attractive and fresh, protecting your investment for years.

Shopping Center Cleaning
Keeping your shopping center clean on an annual basis is inviting not only to customer’s but to existing and future tenants. Regular power washing also keeps your property safe. Ask about our cost saving maintenance cleanings.
Drive Thru Maintenance
Our regular maintenance power washing for Restaurant, Bank’s, and Pharmacy drive thru’s will present a clean and safe environment for your customers. Oil and Grease, Food Stains, and others are no match for Hot Water Pressure Washing services.
Concrete Cleaning
We have the equipment and experience to keep your new or old dirty concrete Parking Lots and sidewalks clean and well maintained. Parking Lot Cleaning and Striping are two of our specialties.
Sidewalk Maintenance Cleaning
Sidewalks should be kept clean on a regular Monthly to Quarterly schedule to keep them free of dirt, grime and gum build up. Save on maintenance cleanings instead of one time cleanings and keep your property safe and looking fresh.

Soft Washing

Soft Washing exterior surfaces protects your investment from the damage that high pressure can cause. We never use high pressure on building surfaces.

Commercial Roof Cleaning
Keeping your commercial roof cleaned not only keeps your roof warranty valid but protects against high energy costs.
Building Washing
Our Low-Pressure Building Wash keeps the exterior of your business attractive and looking new. We prevent unnecessary damage by eliminating the use of high pressure.
Home Owners Association
We are Houston’s most trusted Pressure Washing Company for Homeowners Associations providing all their Exterior Cleaning needs.
What is Soft Washing
Soft Washing is a low-pressure application of cleaning detergents, followed by a gentle high-volume rinse, eliminating the risk of damage caused by high pressure water blasting.

Specialty Cleaning

Graffiti Removal, Rust Removal and other challenging stains are our specialty. We can safely remove stains from a wide variety of surfaces.

Rust Stain Removal
If your property has rust stains caused by irrigation systems, rod iron furniture, battery or fertilizer, HVAC systems and more, we can safely remove these stains and advise you how to eliminate the source of re-occurring rust stains.
Graffiti Removal
Graffiti Tag’s should be removed within the first 24-48 hours to help prevent future tagging’s. Our anti-graffiti coating will prevent paint from impregnating the surface and provide for easier removal.
High Dusting
Restaurant’s, Coffee Houses, and Big Box stores are just a few of the commercial properties we provide high dusting services for. We clean the areas your staff can’t reach.
We offer sanitizing services for playground equipment, locker rooms, restaurants, warehouses, and more. Keep your property sanitized regularly and help protect against spread of illnesses.

We are committed to providing superior service

When it comes to pressure washing Houston TX residents appreciate, nobody beats our services. With over 25 years of experience in the power cleaning industry, we have the expertise and equipment to provide exceptional service for home and business structures of all shapes and sizes. Contact us today for a Free Estimate on all exterior cleaning services throughout the greater Houston Texas area.

Feel comfort by viewing our large presence on social media that clearly showcases before and after photos highlighting the stellar results from many of our power washing projects. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube are just a few of the platforms for you to check us out on.

PowerWash.net provides a wide variety of professional cleaning services while using eco-friendly cleaning agents so that persons, pets, and plants are not at risk. By taking advantage of our competitive pricing for safe roof cleaning and pressure washing services, you are saving thousands of dollars throughout the lifetime of your structure by increasing the value through maintaining like-new aesthetics, in addition to avoiding premature roof replacement costs, and the cost of re-painting.

Top Rated Houston Pressure Washing Services

We offer a full range of commercial services. We clean off graffiti and gum, we’ll clean your dumpster pad, the walkways, driveways and parking areas around your building. We’ll clean your building itself. We clean concrete. Potential customers make judgments about a business by how clean and neat it looks. Keeping your premises looking good invites those potential customers in.

Check us out on social media that showcases before and after photos highlighting the excellent results from many of our power washing projects. Look us up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube!


“An expert in their field that is nationally recognized as a subject matter expert and leaned on to instruct others in the safest and best practices in exterior pressure washing and roof cleaning, not just in the Houston and Porter Texas area, but also nationwide.” Mr. Smith
“I work with PowerWash.net as a subcontractor for the company I work for. They are GREAT! Professional, reliable, quick to get the job done, and they do very well at their job. I have never had an issue out of them and will continue to use them for any future jobs in their area.”
“I manage a 6 townhome HOA and we have used PowerWash.net for both soft cleaning the North side of the homes and power washing the courtyard. They always go above and beyond, are dependable as well as reasonably priced. Doug and Josh are incredible to work with.” Mr. Wise
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PowerWash.net provides commercial pressure washing services throughout Houston Tx and the Southeast US. Our passion is keeping exterior properties looking attractive and fresh while providing a superior customer service experience with prompt communication.

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