All NEW CANEY BUSINESSES will most certainly appreciate our exterior cleaning services.  With a population of approximately 20,000. this quaint town is just north east of Houston at Interstate 69 and Grand Parkway.  There are many businesses in this area including hotels, restaurants, shopping areas, and office buildings.  All of these commercial properties require consistent exterior cleaning service.  It’s something that will help all NEW CANEY BUSINESSES grow and attract more customers.


Our exterior cleaning services delivers New Caney businesses an image of excellence the community can see.  A clean roof and building along with fresh, bright and attractive looking concrete speaks volumes.  When potential customers and clients see a well kept property, it tells them you are a successful business.  You are committed to excellence, you have adequate resources, and you understand the importance of priorities.  Like a magnetic force, this visual image of excellence emanating from the property draws more and more people into your facility.


New Caney Businesses can trust us to provide a flexible cleaning schedule.  We realize there are peak business hours, non peak business hours, and hours when you’re closed.  You do not want an exterior cleaning contractor impeding and affecting traffic flow.  In addition to slip and fall accidents, the public would be tracking water and possibly dirt into the building.  This is why will provide overnight, weekend and after hours cleaning to ensure public safety and the most effective cleaning job.


For roof cleaning and most building surfaces, we provide a soft wash cleaning method to prevent damage to the surface.  Allowing a contractor to pressure wash your roof or building could result in unwanted water intrusion, chipped paint and cracked surfaces.  We also provide water filtration window cleaning service for spot free rinsing, which saves time versus traditional window cleaning methods.  And of course, we do provide pressure washing service for sidewalks, parking areas and other concrete surfaces.  In addition, we can remove stains including rust, grease, and even gum deposits.  Those pesky difficult rubber tire marks are not a problem for us!  We have professional grade cleaning equipment, proprietary cleaning solutions, and over 30 years of experience.  You can count us to deliver stunning visual results with prompt communication and satisfaction guaranteed.  All New Caney Businesses can request an estimate online or by calling or texting 281-541-0511.