HOUSTON FACILITY MANAGERS have a ton responsibility as they carry out day to day responsibilities caring for their property and grounds.  Thus, from small office buildings to large industrial complexes, they make sure the facilities looks their best and remains ready for maximum business.  And we have extensive experience working closely with FACILITY MANAGERS delivering premium exterior cleaning services.


One of our core values centers around prompt and effective communication with FACILITY MANAGERS.  We know that their time is valuable.  So we strive to communicate effectively and concisely on exterior cleaning scoop of work matters.  We always provide a free estimate and ensure that they know precisely what to expect from our services.  We make ourselves available for communication through a wide variety of easy and convenient ways they choose to use.  Plus, we understand there are many questions to cover as the estimate is under consideration.  So we work closely to communicate clearly and answer any of those questions and concerns that arise.


HOUSTON FACILITY MANAGERS, Maintenance Directors and Business Managers must consider the ideal schedule plan for exterior cleaning services.  We offer after hours, overnight, and weekend cleaning services resulting in the least amount of impact on customer traffic.  Our desire is not to affect customers, residents, or clients who are moving in and out of the building.  So we work closely with HOUSTON FACILITY MANAGERS to schedule cleaning at the most convenient times beneficial to your organization of business.  A few examples of our clients include apartment complexes, retail centers, hospitals and schools.  In addition, funeral homes, banks, churches, restaurants and many more commercial properties.  Plus, we clean Houston’s world famous Velodrome, a cycling track along with many other recreational surfaces such as tennis and basketball courts.  PowerWash.net Owner Operator Doug Rucker is a national leader in the industry providing training as well as equipment and supplies to exterior cleaning contractors.