If you are searching for HOSPITAL CLEANING HUMBLE, you have come to the right place.  This is because we have over 30 years of experience providing exceptional exterior cleaning service.  And this includes Humble area hospitals, medical office complexes, urgent care facilities, health care clinics, and more.  We understand the unique needs of hospitals as they remain open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.  This means working with facility directors to schedule our work during ours of least traffic impact.  Usually, this means working during evening and into overnight hours.


There are many HOSPITAL CLEANING HUMBLE services that can provide for your health care facility.  We provide soft wash roof cleaning and building wash to remove organic and biological stains.  This soft wash method will prevent damage to the surface as well as unwanted water intrusion.  We strongly recommend against using the traditional pressure washing method to clean your roof and buildings to prevent damage.  And, yes, we do windows!  Our unique rinse water filtration system leaves a spot free window and does not require squeegee work. This save a lot of time, and keeps your cost for window cleaning service lower than traditional cleaning methods.


In addition to roof cleaning, building washing, and window cleaning, concrete cleaning is also necessary.  There are many areas which will need attention such as sidewalks,  parking lots, dumpster pads, and outdoor gathering areas.  Our professional grade equipment and unique eco-friendly cleaners are ideal for large hospital campuses.  We can even remove gum deposits and graffiti.  We always provide an itemized, free estimate for all of our services and answer any questions or concerns you may have about the exterior cleaning project.  If you have rust stains or in need of high dusting, we can help whit this as well.


We strive to make the entire for all of our clients as easy as possible.  We understand your time is valuable, and yet prompt, clear and concise communication is what we promise to deliver throughout the entire process.  In fact, we provide convenient ways for you to request a free, itemized, written estimate.  You can simply call or text us at 281-541-0511 and include pictures and scope of work details.  Or, you can email these things to  And, if you prefer to request an estimate online, you may do so here.