With a population of over 4.7 million residents, Harris County in Texas is the third most populous county in the US.  Only Los Angeles county in California and Cook County in Illinois boast higher numbers.  In fact, this one county comprises over 16% of the entire state of Texas’ population count.  Some of the more notable residents of Harris County include Kenny Rogers, Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Garner, and former President George H.W. Bush.  There are some world class athletes from Harris County.  This list includes but is not limited to: Earl Campbell, Nolan Ryan, Clyde Drexler, Roger Clemens, Michael Strahan and many other homegrown legends.  With these kinds of success stories, you can only imagine the critical place HARRIS COUNTY ATHLETIC COURTS plays in the region.


One of our specialties at PowerWash.net is athletic court cleaning.  Tennis courts, basketball courts, stadiums, and even parks and playground structures are all well within our ability to clean.  In fact, one of the unique HARRIS COUNTY ATHLETIC COURTS we recently cleaned is the Alkek Velodrome in Cullen Park.  This unique athletic venue consists of a 333 meter concrete cycling track with banking ranging from 33 degrees in the turns to 9 degrees in the straights.  This track was built in 1986 and hosts everything from Local Races to National Championships and Olympic Qualifiers.  We successfully removed heavy stains and were able to get the track looking like new again.


We invite you to check out our ABOUT US page to learn more about this company.  And you can easily submit a request for HARRIS COUNTY ATHLETIC COURTS cleaning right here.  We provide exceptional customer service with prompt communication and stunning visual results.  If you have any questions about our exterior cleaning services, please just call or shoot us a text 281-541-0511.