Your business could greatly benefit from our Houston region COMMERCIAL BUILDING WASH.  Most businesses are highly conscientious about the appearance of their building on the inside.  Whether it’s a retail store, a hospital, or a bank, there is always great attention to housekeeping.  It is usually done by employed staff or and outside service company.  But what about the outside of the building? provides COMMERCIAL BUILDING WASH services so that your business will stay looking as good on the outside as it does on the inside.


Part of our COMMERCIAL BUILDING WASH services does include window washing.  Yes, we do windows!  We have invested in several thousand dollars worth of professional grade window cleaning equipment that leaves your windows spot free.  We use water fed pole cleaning with deionization technology which delivers a spot free rinse.  These tools have advanced multistage filtration systems that use reverse osmosis membranes to remove large amounts of impurities from the water source. Carbon filters work effectively to remove chlorine, which can damage reverse osmosis membranes. Additionally, they also have a deionization filter to give a final polish to the water before it is used.


Another COMMERCIAL BUILDING WASH service we provide is stucco cleaning.  Stucco is usually a mix of sand, Portland cement, lime, and water, but may include many other additives such as fibers and synthetic acrylics that add strength and flexibility.  But stucco is a very porous material which is why it attracts dirt, mold, and algae quickly and easily.  We do not pressure wash stucco because there is a risk that high volume water blasting will chip or crack the surface, causing damage.  Instead, we always soft wash all vertical services to prevent damage to any surface.  We apply a strong cleaning agent and allow plenty of time for it to penetrate the pours before a thorough rinse.  The amazing result is a completely clean and sanitized surface that looks almost brand new.


Our COMMERCIAL BUILDING WASH services also includes brick cleaning.  We understand the manufacturers’ guidelines for cleaning and maintaining brick so that the optimum visual appearance is preserved.  Again, in order to prevent any damage to the surface, we always soft wash brick surfaces.  In addition, we will always perform a cleaning test on a small area to ensure we have the right cleaning agents and mixtures.  With over thirty years of experience in the industry, we can quickly and easily identify brick stain types and know the strategy that will work best.  Of course, this will also apply to brick pavers on drive areas and sidewalks.  It goes without saying that concrete cleaning is also certainly one of the services we provide.  The most common request we receive is removing gum and tire marks from concrete.  Check out additional specialty services here.


Call or text 281-541-0511 for a free COMMERCIAL BUILDING WASH estimate.  We do not provide “general pricing” information, but instead always deliver a customized free estimate based upon the scope of work that needs to be completed. Owner/Operator Doug Rucker welcomes the opportunity to work with you on your next commercial building wash.